Let's not be coy. I'm a professional writer, I charge for what I do and you want to know how much.

The free (did I mention it was free?) quote for each job / commission / work of art is individual but I base each quote on a basic rate of 35€ per hour (which at July 2018 exchange rates is roughly £30 or $40USD per hour). Those rates usually include any edits, tweaks or amendments. In other words, if you want some changes to the initial submission I won't charge you extra.

Alternatively, we can agree a rate per word for articles or business writing. Rates range from 0.08€ to 0.35€ per word depending on job size, complexity, etc.

For editing and proofreading, the rates begin at 0.01€ per word for simply checking spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. to 0.07€ per word for heavy editing and rewriting.

I'm happy to negotiate (and stick to) a flat fee for a piece of writing or to go with an open-ended hourly rate; whichever you prefer. I also appreciate that you may have your own rates determined by your organisation (higher or lower than my own) and I would never rule them out without discussing the work first, so talk to me.

Whatever your budget, email me with your requirements and I'll reply with your free (gratis) quote within one working day.