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"This started as a simple editing job, which in the end, needed to be structurally edited and even some major rewriting. [Dave] goes way beyond what is expected to ensure he delivers outstanding work. Thank you so much and we look forward to working with you again."
- Taty Hindes
Art Director

"We find Dave creative, thorough and superbly insightful. He ‘gets’ the brief every time, pitching the tone to fit requirements excellently. Unspun highly recommend Dave as a talented and intuitive writer who is very reliable
- Jenny Simmons
Project Manager

"Everything looks great and arrived incredibly promptly. Thanks once again, the writing is superb."
- Zeke Iddon
Project Manager

"I'm very pleased to have discovered the work of Dave Foxall. He offers fresh opinion and accurate reporting, pays close attention to house style and delivers on time
- just the sort of thing the busy editor is looking for."

- Mark Gilbert,

"Dave Foxall's writing is refreshing and original. His imaginative take on the 10 Journeys brief was well thought out and provided a gripping and entertaining read. His unique style will consistently provide a well-written and stimulating piece of work."
- Lauren Parsons,
Publishing Manager

"Had a read through the articles for September, all great as usual. With our other writers I have really been trying to give more detailed feedback so that they can improve their work. So the fact that I rarely send you any demonstrates the quality of the work you are producing - keep up the good work!"
- Tom Feltham
Digital Marketing Manager

“Dave did an outstanding job -- extraordinarily responsive and extremely professional. Highly recommended.”

- Nathaniel Palmer

“We consider Dave as part of our team. Great Job!”
- Jose Flores
LICAS Progressive Solutions

“Dave is great at his work. Very creative and willing to take the time to flesh out the work concepts with you. A great final product. I will work with him again!”
- Ritchy Henson

"Dave has helped me create webinars, training courses, speeches, reports, flyers, minibooks, newsletters.... No matter what the task Dave delivers. I feel he is part of my team helping me to get projects progressed and finished. I would recommend him in a heart beat.”

- Angie Spiteri
Time Equals Money

"Dave conducts interviews with the top management of the most prestigious companies in Europe and writes major articles based on these interviews and his own research. He has a professional manner, unique writing style and is very flexible. Dave, thanks for all the good work you've done for us."

- Lucia Balog,

"Dave has made working with him straightforward and hassle free. He has a punchy style and has produced a good article for us."
- Gillian Bullock
Marketing Manager