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Business Communications

An organisation of any size, whether looking to engage with customers or staff people will at some point require the written word. It may be marketing copy, a brand narrative, vision & values, team briefings, training sessions, or a newlsetter - they all need words and that's where I can help.

You may be the organisation in question or maybe they're your client. Equally, you may be a marketing or training consultancy or other specialist service that needs a helping hand (or pen).

Either way, whether you need an extra wordsmith during the busy times or just want to free up somebody's time for other priorities, email me with your requirements - issues, audience, tone of voice, desired outcomes, deadline - and I'll reply with a free (is there any other kind?) quote within one working day.

Here are a few samples:
  • the blog on the Chorus-HR website, for which I've written almost all the content since it began in 2011
  • the course accreditation and certification policy documents for the Cloud Credential Council
  • advertising copy for dozens of entries in the business directory of Murcia Today, the regional online newspaper and magazine