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A man, terrified of flying, is unable to avoid a long-haul flight. To distract himself, he imagines the detailed cooking of a particular chilli dish. However, this act of fantasy triggers a flood of memories concerning his ex-wife and our protagonist turns out to be more eccentric (and even grotesque) than he first appeared.

Read a tantalising excerpt here.

My first short story, I'm afraid to fly... is featured in 10 Journeys, the latest in Legend Press's 'Short Story Reinvented' series. The collection has a 5-star review on Amazon which describes my story as being about "fear and loathing (and cooking)" which is fair enough (it would be churlish of me to reject a Hunter S. Thompson reference) and The Short Review has named it as one of their 2010 holiday reads.

The View From Here online literary magazine says, "...if you like the macabre, like I do, then you'll find this recipe particularly memorable." Macabre? Moi? (Incidentally, the recipe in question is a particularly toothsome 'Winter Chilli'.)

So, if you'd like ten examples of excellent contemporary fiction, you can order a copy via PayPal for just £5.99 and I'll happily sign it for you (Though I have to warn you that Spain to UK postage isn't cheap so there's an extra £6.50 p&p; you've really got to want that signature! If you're not in the UK, email me and I'll let you know what the rate is.) But hey, you can afford it, treat yourself!

                                Or you can pay £7.31 (on Kindle only £6.17) for an unsigned copy from Amazon (free postage though - your choice ;-)