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Work in progress

Currently hard (?!) at work on a novel with the working title:


or The Empire Never Ended

including sideways time travel, biographical investigation and the author as deluded deity

After reading Philip K. Dick's Valis, Thomas is desperate to read more by SF's most original thinker but finds that all his works are out of print and his name virtually unknown. Looking for purpose in his life, Thomas decides to write the definitive biography and answer the question: Who buried PKD?

Meanwhile, a couple of realities away, it's 2012 and the Roman Empire is still going strong. Except for the threat of a new underground monotheistic religion which promises eternal life if only you read the works of a certain science fiction author.


In between other projects (and whenever I want to bunk off) I have been known to write the odd short story.

One of the odder ones has already been published (read an excerpt here), but some of the other ones that I'm putting out there feature:
  • a serial killer and his dog
  • a squatter in a most unusual habitation
  • a man who isn't a werewolf
... they're a bit odd too, I promise.