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Editing and Ghostwriting

Whether it's an article or two, a column or blog that you don't have time to write, or a full-length book, sometimes you need someone to do the heavy lifting (typing?) for you and that's where a good editor or ghostwriter comes in handy.

Whether you've virtually written the whole thing already and just need someone to knock it into shape or all you have so far are the thoughts in your head, I'll help you turn out writing that you want to put your name to. And as for the quote on the right, in the finished piece you'll be present and I'll be absent; that's how it is with good editors and ghostwriters; we're the unsung heroes.

For articles or blog postings, the usual rates apply but if we work together on a book-length project, I'm happy to discuss different payment options, ranging from a flat fee up front (and you take all the royalties) to a reduced initial payment with royalty-sharing on the finished product.

Whatever you need help with, email me with your requirements - type of project, approximate length, desired style, deadline - and I'll reply with a free (no strings attached) quote within one working day.

Here are a few examples:

"Writing is a struggle between presence and absence."

- Lu Ji
The Art of Writing

Dave Foxall,
11 Nov 2011, 05:45