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Reviews & Interviews

Another person's opinion is a sure reader-pleaser, even if only so that they can disagree. Whatever products, services or works of art you have on offer, your readers/customers will want to know what somebody else thinks of them. Whether it's unbiased criticism, detailed pros & cons, personal opinions of the 'latest thing' or an interview to discover the character, history, wisdom and insight of the practitioners and purveyors of their particular obsession; reviews and interviews get your readers engaged with your publication; print or online.

From 500 words to 5000, I'll create an informative and entertaining read with you and your audience in mind.

Email me with your requirements - subject, audience, tone, word length, deadline - and I'll reply with a free (naturally) quote within one working day.

Just by way of example, I've been writing for Jazz Journal magazine since 2009. Artists I've interviewed include John McLaughlin, Iain Ballamy, Guy Barker, Ingrid Laubrock, Tom Arthurs, and Tony Kofi. Most months feature at least one album I've reviewed, including: