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How’s your English grammar? Mine is excellent… and grammatical excellence is what people take for granted. What’s more, almost everybody knows a mistake when they see one; even if they can’t tell you what’s right, they usually spot when something is wrong.

So, if you’re a business, you need your marketing materials – your brochure, your window display, your menus, your website – to be spot on.

If you’re a student, you need that assignment or dissertation to be cogent and coherent; there’s no point losing easy marks over bad spelling or inconsistent usage.

If English isn’t your first language, you need to avoid the many, many pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary: use of articles, correct idiom, verb/adverb confusion, etc., etc.

What you need is a proofreader. Spellcheck is not enough. Many mistakes are not picked up by software; there is no substitute for having a third party go over your text with a keen and critical eye for detail. Especially if, like me, they're fast; anything under 10,000 words I can have back to you within 24 hours.

What's more, I'm equally comfortable working with British or American English.

Email me with your requirements - type of document/material, wordcount, deadline - and I'll reply with a free (without cost) quote within one working day.

For example, I regularly proofread client essays and applications for NY-based education consultancy, LICAS; and I'm the house proofreader for the quarterly print version of For Manufacturer magazine.