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Web Content

We must surely by now be approaching the point in time at which there are more words online than in print - assuming we're not there already - so it's quite possible that you need someone to write your website content; look no further, I can write your page content, your blog postings, or why not some useful articles related to what you do which will increase your site traffic?

Let's be honest here, I don't claim to be some sort of super-savvy SEO guru, but I will write good content for your website; the sort of content that will cater to human beings as much as it does to search engine bots and spiders. I'll weave in your chosen keywords and links to keep the algorithms happy and your site high on the Google rankings but ultimately it's people who visit your site and the words need to make them light up too. After all, it's the humans that buy your widgets or engage your services or bookmark your site in order to return again and again.

If you want some website copywriting that will connect with the human as well as the robot then email me with your requirements - type of website, number of pages, wordcount, keywords, desired impact, tone of voice, deadline - and I'll reply with a free (no small print) quote within one working day.

I've written web content on everything from family dogs to teeth whitening, bean bags to motion capture, interior design to barbecues. On the more 'corporate' side of things, I've written hundreds (no, really hundreds) of articles on various aspects of HR and HR software - you'll find my name on various articles at HRMSWorld and HRLab.